Lead Times

3 Days (In Stock)

• Seating with in stock upholstery
• Conference chairs (M6 & G6) with in stock upholstery
• Ergo accessory products
• Mobile files and upholstered seat cushion (charcoal color)
• Height adjustable bases

2-3 Weeks

• Worksurfaces laminates (all Element colors)
• Training tables (all Element colors)
• Mobile files w/ laminate fronts (all Element colors)

5 Day (Quick Ship)

• Worksurfaces with QS colors
• Training tables in QS colors
• O-leg desk in QS color

3-4 Weeks

• Tables with laminate bases (all Element colors)
• Laminate storage cabinets (all Element colors)
• Seating with Grade B and up

1-2 Week (Quick Ship) 

• Seating in QS Grade A fabrics
• C-Series, S-Series, and Voli
• Moxy, Vex, Flex (Available in July 2023)

4-5 Week

• Meeting tables with metal base
• Seating with COM fabrics