Studio Pods

Introducing Element Studio Pods, the latest evolution in the office! These innovative booths are designed to meet the diverse needs of today’s modern workplaces. With four sizes available, you can choose the perfect Studio Pod for your specific requirements. Our Solo pod provides a quiet space for private conversations and shorter tasks, ensuring confidentiality and efficiency. Meanwhile, our larger pods are ideal for collaborative meetings and focused work, fostering creativity and productivity. Elevate your office experience with Element Studio Pods – where privacy, versatility, and contemporary design come together to create the ultimate workspace solution.


  • Quick ship options
  • 5 layer wall construction for enhanced acoustics
  • PET 60% recycled acoustical material
  • Sealed safety glass
  • Minimum of 2 outlets, USB A and USB C
  • Occupancy sensor for auto on/off efficiency
  • Enhanced ventilation with whisper fans for quiet airflow
  • Retractable casters allows easy inner office relocation
  • Seismic braces available
  • Fire suppression is able to be integrated into Pod